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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Councillors Code of Conduct and apologies

I attended last nights Hume City Council Meeting, it was very light on for agenda items and general business, except for one item that caught my eye.

Cr JAKAS, made an apology, now the way he framed it, I am not all that sure what he was apologising for, but he did say he breeched the Councillor code of conduct by making comments at a meeting on 11 July 2005. As a full transcript of his comments were later published in the Minutes of the 22 August meeting. I can only guess that as his apology was directed at 2 particular councillors that it was this section of his rant that he had to apologise for.

I couldn’t believe when it all came up and I must admit on the
night I was really enthusiastic. I was excited by Councillors
Yigit, Councillor Jessop, I mean the words he came out that
night, he said he’s going to fight this, ........

Judging by the entire rant which was just a direct hit to all things Labor, I can assume that the comments that these 2 councillors made were made at a confidential meeting. Hume's Councillors Code of Conduct is very clear about confidentiality. As quoted here

There is an expectation that Councillors will make reasonable and informed decisions on matters before the Council. In their decision making process Councillors are also privy to information which may at times be confidential or controversial. Councillors need to be:

• aware of and observe the provisions of Section 77 of the Act governing the treatment of confidential information and be mindful that persons found guilty of an offence against Section 77 will be unable to continue to be a Councillor in accordance with Section 29 of the Act;

So it seems that he saw some writing on the wall, either apologise or face the possibility of not being able to continue as a Councillor.

As I said earlier the apology was quite vague done so purpously I suspect so the gathered press didn't really have a chance to fully understand the implications of what he said.