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Friday, October 07, 2005

Amusing questions from the local papers

Got a call from the local paper today. The journo started off by saying that she had been told that if I happened to win the election along with the current Councillor Jack Ogilvie, that he had stated he would resign the next day. This astounded me, why on earth would someone that maybe elected say they would resign. Personally I find this type of attitude a bit immature and would question his committment to Local Government.

She further qualified this by saying that Cr Ogilvie told her that he found me very difficult to deal with when I was on Council, this further astounded me. I suppose as men age their memories become a bit frazzled and they forget things. My memory of my time on Council with Cr Ogilvie is pretty clear, we worked together to acheive a great deal for Sunbury, and whilst we were not what you would call "best buddies" I can't recall there being any major difficulties in our professional relationship.

If Cr Ogilvie does get re-elected and I am fortunate enough to be the other sucessful candidate, I will state publicly that I will endeavour to work with Cr Ogilvie for the betterment of Sunbury/Bulla and Hume.

PS: Just watched the video of the Statutory Meeting where I was elected Mayor and Cr Ogilvie didn't say that I was a difficult person to work with, infact he gave me some very good advice.