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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two months of who knows!

Well the countdown has begun, 2 months to the next council elections. For all those who have been asking YES I will be standing. The campaign starts from now onward. The press release has been sent to the local press. Flyers and posters are being designed.

Hopefully all this will mean that JAKAS will become a part of history at Hume City Council, and judging by the reaction that I got from the staff at Hume at a function tonight they will be very happy to see me back. It was an amazing time tonight, many good wishes and high fives, it's nice to know that I am still respected and wanted at Hume as opposed to those from Sunbury that are there.

I will run a clean campaign, unlike my opposition. They are running scared, spreading rumours, threatening my supporters, but I am one tough gal and will not let them defeat me. Firebomb my house, say that I am a drug dealer, do whatever you want but I will not go down without a fight. Just leave my family out of it please.