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Friday, September 30, 2005

Be Alert not Alarmed

OK, boys, I'll save you some time. I don't run the Sunbury Community Forum, when I do post on the SCF, which is a rare as the times I post at Sunbury Online these days, I use the name GuruAnn and on Sunbury Online I actually use my real name, something that is novel given the input of the various Margarets, Johnnos, Jimbos

Veiled threats of the Federal Police investigating me, made on Sunbury Online don't wash guys. Now whilst I understand we live in a world where we need to stay alert, I hardly think that the opinions and discussions of a small community forum are going to attract the attention of the Federal Police. Somehow I think they have enough on their plate with cases like David Hicks and the Bali 9.

But if you are hell bent on getting me investigated, feel free, I have nothing to hide, unlike others. Gosh the next thing you will be getting someone to access the LEAP Database to gain some more insight into my history, but that would be against the LAW wouldn't it, and just in case you have already, I have already applied under FOI to find out if you have, so the truth will come out.

I know boys that this is only the start of the fun and games, given the previous antics at the last election. I think I will be upfront now just so everyone knows. If you feel like bringing out the old rumour about me bouncing cheques at the local Football Club, be my guest, but be careful who you get to spread the rumour. A certain John M from the southern end of Hume nearly got sued last time around. I have never bounced a cheque anywhere and this can easily be verified by the financial institution that I use. So tread carefully boys!

Nigh Nigh Boys!