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Monday, June 27, 2005

Phone calls you don't want to get!

Mr J is on an adventure with a friend, driving up to Bellingen to pick up my friends son and bringing him back to Melbourne for the school holidays. Mr J is on a phone plan that means I can call him from my phone for nothing so we have been in touch every couple of hours whilst he was on the journey.

Tonight I had been trying to call him for a couple of hours, and kept getting that irritating out of range message, so I thought, sure that can happen for a little while, but I thought that most of Australia was just about covered by mobile phone coverage, no the case of Walcha in N.S.W. Why are they in Walcha, well they hit a Kangaroo, wrote off the car, but most importantly they are all safe.

Just got off the phone from the hotel where they are staying, and the owner has reassured me that they are OK, and have gone out to the local takeaway for a bite to eat. So I am yet to speak to my boy, and am still shaking but at least they are alive and they will continue the journey by train tomorrow.

UPDATE: Spoken to Mr J, he is cool about it, the roo jumped into his side of the car and crushed the front bonnet, he had just awoken from a sleep, and his words it was like OH SHIT! I don't know if the roo survived! My heart is beating slightly slower now!