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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You know your tired when!

You forget to put the tuna in the Tuna Mornay, yep, I did it tonight.

PC woes today, my work laptop a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 karked it, firstly it gets an error saying "bad rtc battery" so off to Google and was surprised to see that most of the entries about this error refer to the Satellite Pro 6100. So I follow the directions which involved setting the cmos to default, easy. Reboot, fingers crossed. No go, now I get a disk error on start up. Next I think, well lets call Toshiba, as it's still in warranty, finally after 4 mins of wait music, Choo comes on the line. After explaining my woes, he basically says all is lost and a re-install of XP is required. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR. I then comment about the "bad RTC battery" is a common problem in these machines, to which Choo tells me, no!, it's not a common problem, but Choo there are 190 google entries about it, he then says that not everything on Google is true. My life is shattered with that comment.

So out comes the old Dell Latitude that I bought about 2 years ago second hand, boot it up and the usual issue with the screen showing black happens, but a few whacks and it's working a dream. It will get temperamental with prolonged use, but for the moment at least I can sit in my favorite chair and blog and surf.

In late breaking news it appears that the Australian hostage Douglas Wood has been released from his captures in Iraq, great news to hear.