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Friday, June 24, 2005

A feelgood story

Today I had to do lots of shopping etc, and we were standing outside Coles in Sunbury.

A lady was having a panic attack (I didn't see it happening) and my Mum went to her aid, Mum called me over and I was just standing by looking on (cause Mum is really good at handling this type of thing), not really knowing what to do, Mum finally got the lady calmed, by talking to her about Footy, then the lady looks up and sees me. She exclaims, "your Ann Potter", I say, yes I am.

Mum tells her that I am her daughter. The lady then talks about how she admired me and hopes that I will stand again for council, she thinks what the papers did to me about the Schapelle thing was terrible. She was amazed that I did what I did for Schapelle, and said that the values I hold are lacking in Sunbury and that needs changing.

Cilla, I hope you are well tonight, it looks like the Bombers have won, and you got home safely.

To think I got a new hairdo and am still recognisable.