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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Parent Teacher Interviews

Had 2 nights of them this week, Tuesday was Miss R's and it was a breeze, the usual story, she is very chatty, but tries hard, a pleasant evening.

Tonight was Mr J's, at best I will call it gruelling. 2 hours of being plastered with he doesn't do this doesn't do that, and I got sick of saying continually that this is a child that had an aide all through primary school and was deemed cured once he entered year 7, so he no longer has an aide (but I am still appealing), which means that he has no assistance in organising himself for classes. Of all the interviews I must say that his maths teacher was fantastic, she is a new teacher full of enthusiasm, and is determined to get the kids to learn.

I purposely went to see his electrical teacher, who didn't want to see me as he had passed the subject, but I just wanted to hear something good.

I had a little run in with the Librarian who has banned Mr J from the library, it became apparent very quickly that she wasn't a negotiator, so I thought it best to make a quick retreat.