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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Don't even go there

It's 10.15pm, I should be in bed awaiting a early start tomorrow morning as Miss R has to have her tonsils out tomorrow morning. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got a call today at about midday from the anesthetist (pardon the spelling) and after asking numerous questions he mentioned that he was uncomfortable with performing the operation as the Freemasons doesn't have Paedriatic Intensive Care. My mum was taking this call as I was out and was astounded that not less than 24 hours before the operation was supposed to occur these concerns were being aired. Mum then got a call from the Dep Director of Nursing saying that they won't allow Miss R to be operated on due to her allergy, and that they can't guarantee the optimal care. Now I don't have a problem with their decision, but why was is made 19 hours before the operation was to be performed. We have psyched up Miss R, she was excited, and now it's not going to happen.

I was at a loss, I called the Royal Childrens and got fobbed off to some Professor who is in Sydney so I can't get an answer till tomorrow as to whether they can do it and when, I was so at a loss this afternoon. Miss R's ENT called me about 5pm to say that the Melb Ear, Nose and Eye Hospital will take her, and if needed they will use St Vincents Intensive Care if required. It won't happen for a few weeks but it will happen eventually.

A horrible day, and they say that being privately insured helps, in this case the Freemasons Hospital were grossly irresponsible waiting until 18 hours before her operation to pull the plug. What happens in the future?????????????