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Saturday, October 22, 2005

I had a date last night!

That got you interested didn't it. Well it was exciting! I went out with my son last night alone for the first time in ages. My daughter has scored a weekend away at Seaspray so my son and I went out for the evening.

We started with dinner at Mystic Pizza in Sunbury where we sat and chatted about school, aspirations, life in general and then went to the opening night of "Into the Woods" at the Boilerhouse Theatre in Sunbury. The musical was a Sondheim Musical, maybe a bit much for a 13 year old boy to sit through, but he did sit through it and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today saw us heading up to Woodend very early for Cricket and then back to Sunbury for Basketball.

Tonight we are off to a family function and another tomorrow.

Someone has knocked down one of my expensive election signs in Sunbury, I suspect it may have been kids, I sincerly hope it wasn't done by an opponent.