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Saturday, September 10, 2005

This footy business is getting expensive.

So the hero of the day was Nic Davis, he kicked the last goal of the night with about 5 seconds on the clock to go. It happened right in front of us, Mr J got his head on the tele for a nanosecond just after the goal went through, the siren sounded, the crowd erupted, many hugs were had and tears shed.

So onto next Friday night to the Prelim Final, I must thank the AFL for programming all of the Swans finals so that I can either watch them or actually get to them, they must realise that the Calastenics season has started and worked out the game times to fit within the family schedule.

After the game we headed over to Fox studios for a drinky and more hugs, then proceeded to wait for an hour for a cab, early flight back this morning, had the opportunity to experience the new Skybeds on QANTAS, and I must say that it definately the way to travel.