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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A bit of frivolity kinda!

Everyone in blogland has made mention of the downfall of John Brogden in NSW, all I will say on the matter, is that things must be bad when you decide that you can't stick around to see your young child grow up, one may ask who is the real centre of your universe.

Having now divulged humdreds of blog entries about the Brogden issue, I will provide the best link I have found so far. Andrew Bartlett's Blog.

Here is a little test for all my readers that I got off of Supamum's Blog. It's called 3 Truths and A Lie. You have to guess which of the 4 choices below are false. I will post the answers tomorrow.

1. I once told Gough Whitlam on the phone I didn't believe it was him.
2. I used to play Ice Hockey.
3. I competed in the Australian Water Skiing Championships.
4. I haven't broken any bones.