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Friday, September 02, 2005

The Answers

1. I once told Gough Whitlam on the phone I didn't believe it was him

True, I was about 7 or 8 and the phone rings in the afternoon after school. This very deep voiced person asks to speak to (my mother), I asked politely who was speaking, and he said Gough Whitlam, I said words to the effect, OK sure, then yelled out to mum, "there is some guy that reckons he is Gough Whitlam on the phone" Mum was organising an ALP fundraiser where Gough was the Guest of Honour, and he was calling to finalise things.

2. I used to play Ice Hockey.

True, I was an avid Ice Skater in my youth, living about 200 metres from Canterbury Ice Rink in Sydney as I was growing up, meant that I experimented in playing Ice Hockey.

3. I competed in the Australian Water Skiing Championships

True, in 1986, I was the observer in a boat called Tenacity in the open class championships. We had gained 3rd prize in the 1985 Bridge to Bridge so were confident of doing well. Within 100 metres of the race starting the motor on out boat became dislodged (it was called metal fatigue) and the boat flipped and numerous injuries were incurred due to being thrown through the boat not over it.

4. I haven't broken any bones

See No 3. broke numerous ribs, since then have broken my toe, banging it on the corner of a lounge whilst on holidays on the Gold Coast.