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Monday, August 29, 2005

Vigilante Sadness in Sunbury

Well more on my posting about the terror being waged in Sunbury by media and JAKAS. The family that were targetted in this vigilante action live next door to a good friend of my son's.

What has happened to this family it an absolute traversty of justice. The household consists of a woman of about mid thirties who I will call L and her mother who is in her mid 70's who I will call V. 30 years ago L's father committed some crimes against teenagers in WA, he was subsequently arrested, charged and convicted on these charges and served time in a Western Australian prison. He was released a while ago and moved to Victoria to be closer to his family.

The man does not live with L and V, he lived in another location, however 2 or 3 weeks ago he came to visit for 2 days, this was all done legally with him notifying the relevant authorities that he would be there.

V is a fragile elderly lady who is terrified beyond belief that this is happening to her family, she has trouble sleeping and her health is failing.

Now enter JAKAS, somehow, he has found out about this situation and has decided to single handedly start victimising L and V, confronting them with TV Camera's in tow, last week. Now remember that L's dad was only at the house for 2 days and had left more than a week before this.

This wasn't enough, signs popped up at the corner shop, warning of a paedophile at L and V's address, then yesterday, a phone tree was apparently set up and numerous people in my street and ajoining streets were encouraged to wage an hour of more of horrible behaviour, that drove what was left of the family away from the house.

The house was hit with eggs, a car window was smashed. All for the sake of what! There was no one to drive away, the man wasn't there, only his completly innocent family were.

I would question how JAKAS became aware of the family's identity, I surely hope this isn't another example of a police leak, maybe the ethical standards branch will look into this????

I in no way condone the crimes that L's Dad committed, but L and V have done nothing wrong, please leave them alone.

I was also ashamed to hear about the way the local press have acted, a local reporter went to many lengths to get pictures of V's grandchildren.