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Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh Sophie! What Next?

Next you'll be telling your Greek elders not to wear black during a mourning period. We live in a free country however dear Sophie Panopoulos wants to ban young Muslim women from wearing the hijab. I seriously can't believe the ignorance of some people, does she also advocate that Jew's not wear the kipper and start shaving, no I haven't heard that one yet.

She says that they should adopt our culture, now in the words of dear old Pauline Hanson, puleese explain? What exactly is our culture, should they be walking around bear breasted wearing kangaroo hide? Should they dress in a business suit like Sophie does?

Our culture is one of immence complexity, it has gradually built over 200 years to be a culture of tolerance, now Ms Panopoulos wants to ban the wearing of a particular item of clothing, the hijab.

Watching A Current Affair this evening with Bronnie Bishop also backing this move made my stomach turn. I don't want our country to become another France, where they have banned the hijab, I respect people rights to wear what ever they want within reason, as long as it's not offensive.