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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A drive up the street today

Thi morning, I awoke to read a story about a paedophile being moved to Sunbury, I needed to go out on a errand today and drove up my street and turned right, and was afronted by a mass of people and numerous police.

It appears that the man in this story was living with his daughter at this house around the corner from my house. It also appears that people had taken the law (what law) into their own hand and vandalise the house and cars in the driveway, on my nearing the house a couple of cars were attempting to reverse from the driveway, my take on the situation was that the people in the cars were very scared and trying to escape the mob that had accumulated on the front lawn of their house. I allowed them to depart without impedement with the police asking me to stop anyway, so I didn't have much choice.

Standing on the nature strip was JAKAS, no doubt enjoying the media scrum, but surprisingly he didn't get on TV, from what I saw.

I wonder who let on to the press that this was the address? Could this be an example of the press being led by an organisation such as PALS.

I don't really want this person living around the corner from my house, but from what I can find out, he has left the house and the only people left at the house were some of his family, should they be punished? Should they be ridiculed?

Just appearing on Channel 10 News update, it appears that it may be the wrong address all together.