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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A night of Wine, Cheese and Murder

Although I still don't feel 100%, I trotted off to the Sunbury Library tonight to listen to a talk fiven by Melbourne crime novelist Shane Maloney. His narrative on how two of his books have become telemovies was extrememly interesting and the shame of it all is that Channel 7 have decided not to do telemovies of his other books as he points out.

Don't hold your breath. In view of the high ratings, which are contrary to network policy, Channel 7 has decided not to proceed with the planned series. Instead, it plans a reality series based on a group of celebrity chefs marooned in a backyard makeover with nothing to eat but Pauline Hanson.

I have read all of Shanes books and in a conversation tonight with him, I did sucessfully identify one of the characters from his first book.