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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Time to make a balanced comment!

The above is a title of a new posting by a very new member of Sunbury Online, first posting to be exact, welcome margaret peterson. Now I know I am known to be somewhat cynical sometimes, but my advice to those who contribute to the forum are if you are going to create a new pesona to post under, at least try to alter the syntax in which you write.

Since returning from overseas,I have noticed that a number of local activists have been attacking our local councilor jack medcraft. Surely people can see that this is nothing more than opportunism and reeks of political bastardry. I must say that the residents of Sunbury are very fortunate to have 2 councilors who put so much effort into their community and still wear the brunt of criticism from those people who have a different political ambition.

and another totally balanced comment

Sean, I think you know the facts quite well dear. I have gone back and looked at every topic that has been raised on here and everytime it has degenerated into a slanging match because you and yout ilk don't agree with the way he calls a spade a spade. As far as Ms Potter goes, anyone who can publicly call an elected member of the public a nazi on her own website doesnt rate a mention. If you seriously think this latest snipe at him will get anywhere you should revisit the performances of his fellow councillors on how they have behaved. At least he didnt take money for self promotion!!!!! or use taxpayers money for the same

Can't see where I called him a Nazi, I just said

For bit of a laugh take a look at Darps latest gem the Patriotik Yoof League Web Sight. I reckon that Councillor Steve or is it Jack may be interested. Given his unsympathetic views on refugees etc

Margaret then decides to take a swipe at the state government, now is this beginning to sound like someone we know.

Interesting to read the article on the much awaited regional rail service (fast train) in the Age on saturday. I can remember hearing from those connected to it that it would be a state of the art system operating by July 2005! Now we read that the signalling system has been called into question by experts in England and that the whole project may not be as safe as one would like. I for one would like a written guarantee from the Premier on it's safety before I travelled on it. I suppose that is why we pay consultants such heady fees but alas in this instance we should demand a refund.

I now await Johno, Marg, and Brendan hoping on board the forum.