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Monday, May 16, 2005

My sheltered existence!

My posting below about the official Schapelle Sites has prompted an angry response from the guy that owns another site.

I have done some investigation into this person and he isn't the type of person I would like to associate with.

He owns a company in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane (red light district) and by doing a google search on there are only 3 results but they are disturbing results, 2 of the results lead to porn sites another to a men's health site where his comments are a bit dubious. Furture searches lead to a lot of other porn sites. These sites are revolting!

What is most worrying is his attitude to people that choose to disagree with him on his forum.

This is my website and I have the final say on what is published in this forums. If you have a problem with ANY aspect of my site then take it somewhere else [deleted user name].

The real issue is that this person has duped 1400 people into thinking his site has connections to the Corby's, when infact any connection he had was severed by them a while back.