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Monday, May 09, 2005

Spitting the Dummy Big Time!

No not me, that's not my style. Cr JOIIS has decided to pack his bag and go home, well in as much he has decided that posting to Sunbury Online maybe a political hazard.

As of today it may be opportune to vacate my posting as it doesnt seem to matter what is said it is always distorted to suit those who think they know better.Have a good time amusing yourselves guys cause I am not interested in joining your troupe. If you have any questions you know my number why not give me a call I would love to hear from a real person. As one of the best says thank your mother for the rabbits. Over and out

This comes from someone that has in the past few weeks, had a go at Rob Hulls, Candy Broad, every other Hume Councillor except himself and his sidekick, Peter Bachelor, Joanne Duncan to name a few, and for those a bit slow on the uptake, all of the above are involved with the ALP. I see a pattern emerging.

Well, is this a case of a public representative not wanting to be publicly accountable. Probably, cause when he does go public he gets himself into strife. Can't have that can we!