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Friday, May 13, 2005

Ugly football games

And I am not talking about the walloping that Carlton got tonight.

My son plays for the Sunbury Lions Under 13's and tonight we played Melton South. We have never beaten this team since Under 9's so it was always going to be tough, they were last year's runners up also.

Well our boys went in hard but fair and beat them by about 7 goals, we were one group of very proud parents, however what ensued after the game was ugly.

One of their players took the fact that they lost a bit too heart and was going to lash out at not only our boys but the parents as well, he took off his boot and went to hit one of our players dads. Another of the opposition players then started having a fight with his coach. Whilst this was going on, we had the opposition players mothers telling our team that they are only 12 year's old boys, and they should be given a break, and at the same time these lovely 12 year olds were informing our team that we were a pack of f*&*ing P^$%ks, and the parents said give them a break. Our only advice to the opposition parents was to take their kids off the field and look after them, to that we were met with a barrage of abuse.

To make matters worse, the main instigator of all of this was the coaches son. If I ever see my so even go close to behaving like this it would be the last game of football he played for a while.

I think that the folk of Melton South need to invest in some Anger Management, this is unnacceptable in Junior Football. Maybe Mallrat knows where they can obtain some advice.