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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vanstone - very very very unfortunate - Keelty ditto!

I would pick a few more words than unfortunate when talking about the Vivien Alvarez case. What has happened to this woman is nothing short of a disgrace, god I am using that word a lot lately. If it was so easy for an Australian priest in the Philippines to watch a TV program on the internet then recognise that a woman he knew from a hospice was wrongly deported from Australia, why couldn't all the resources of DIMIA not find her in the Philippines.

Next, we have our Australian Federal Police Commissioner Keelty, mouthing off about Schapelles case.

Mr Keelty was reported this week as saying there was very little intelligence to suggest that baggage handlers were using innocent passengers to traffic drugs between states.

He said the AFP was aware of baggage handlers on the international side who were involved with the syndicates - but the situation was nothing like the matters raised by Corby's defence lawyers.

Just because this case is being tried in Indonesia, I think the law of sub judice should apply. According to the Law Council, had the case been tried in Australia, he could be held in contempt of court. I don't think this man is competent, he seems to be a meglomaniac moreso. A bit of advice Micky Boy! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!