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Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's bloody cold

I reckon it's the coldest I have ever felt since moving to Melbourne 17 years ago.

Anyway, the new Australian International University site has been doing the rounds of work today. It sound amazingly like my current workplace in some respects.

We have a wonderful corporate vision for the Australian International University. Our market research confirms that international students choose an Australian university education for two reasons. Firstly, the price is right and secondly, the quality is far superior to most universities in Rwanda.

Of course, most students would prefer a degree from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, or Princeton. But not everyone can afford the best. The Australian International University is proud to offer you the second best. While it is true that we won't win any prizes for the quality of the teaching provided by our SSP’s, it is also true that we are genuinely very affordable, and we are based right in the middle of an affluent Western country with a comparatively low cost of living. When it comes to value for money, the Australian International University is your number one choice.