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Monday, August 08, 2005

The tale of 2 Jacks

No 1 Jack, is Ogilvie. I served on Hume City Council with him, whilst I didn't always agree with some of his views and knew that behind my back (no it was in front of me) he was plotting my demise, I found that some of his views were worthy of consideration. However having said that he always has it in the back of his mind the political ramifications of what he says. One of the first things he said to me was "tell people what they want to hear", something I tried, but found being less than honest unpalatable.

At tonight's Council Meeting, Ogilvie stood up and said that HUME don't want a Detention Centre, what he will gain out of this is anybodies guess, but he is in opposition to his mate, No 2 Jack.

No 2 Jack, is Medcraft. Who at tonight's council meeting continually went off track when talking to various reports. One report was a simple recommendation that a letter be received, no Medcraft who is otherwise known as JAKAS (Jack alternately known as Steve), couldn't comprehend that this was what the motion was about. He had to get up and read the letter from John Howards office, and try to do some political point scoring. Another item of general business was moved to write a letter of thank you to a community group regarding their support for Hume protesting about the Detention Centre, at one stage he was going to vote against the item, because he was grandstanding about the Detention Centre. He was then put back on track by the Mayor and crawled back into his hole.

On a brighter note, Mr J's team won the Semi Final yesterday so we front back up next Sunday for a Prelim Final. On a not so brighter note, I must refuse invitations to Sunday lunch at my sister in laws place, as my head was a bit sore today.