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Sunday, July 31, 2005

To Adelaide and Back

Flew over to the City of Churches yesterday morning to see the Swans have a "good loss", why was it a good loss, because in my opinion we were only 2 accurate kicks away from beating the 2nd team on the ladder and terribly innaccurate kicking, that surely can't be emulated again hopefully was the main cause for our loss.

I must say that going to a ground where of the crowd of 45,629, 45,000 were opposition supporters was a bit intimidating, and when about half of them considered it chic to have a Mullet it was certainly an enlightening experience.

I think we may have been at different games, but Bron has done a review of the game.

It was the weekend for losses, the U13's Sunbury Lions got a thrashing from Melton South today, the scoreline was something like 17.16 to 1.1, at least the one goal was scored by Jarrod, so that was a positive for the day.