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Monday, July 04, 2005

Local Politics is gornnnnnnnnn!

Sunbury Online has a couple of local forums that people in the local community contribute to. One of them "Local Politics" has been hijacked lately by various forms of Margarets, who have been soooo complimentary of JAKAS (Jack also known as Steve), that it has been stomach churning.

Well Sunbury Online have pulled the plug on the Local Politics Forum, until after the next Council Election in November, I can't blame them, the way that JAKAS has encouraged his supporters to post nauseating dribble, and in turn making the moderation of the forum a near impossible task seems to have taken its toll.

Another forum has emerged that is moderated also, has pretty strict rules at Sunbury Community Forum, I have heard rumours that JAKAS reckons I am behind this new forum, well I am not, I got burnt out severly by being a moderator at the now defunct Schapelle Corby Forum, there is no way I would go into that caper again.

Much has been mentioned about the upcomming election, I got a call from the press the other day asking if I would be running. At the moment I am undecided, I have to weigh up a lot of things before I make any decision, the most important thing is I need to make sure that whatever decision I make, the family are comfortable with.