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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oh Kylie!

Now listen my dear you should have checked into The Western Hosptial, where no complaints would have been made as the good old people of the west wouldn't have had so much to talk about in years.

Seriously, the girl is a celebrity that needed to be treated in privacy, obviously the Cabrini could provide that, by moving a few people around. This media beatup is just a joke, a older gentleman who is still in Cabrini, he was moved and has no issue with it, when he made a call into the ABC this morning. Surely it's not that slow a news week.

Edit: She would have paid highly for this also as the Cabrini is a private hospital, she paid for her special treatment.

Got 2 out of 5 requests for Commonwealth games tickets, we are off to the Gymnastics and Netball.