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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I will blog tonight, I will blog tonight, I will blog tonight.

For a few days I have been meaning to blog, however duties at Schapelles Forum have overtaken any spare time I may have. I have never done anything like this before and it has been a learning experience indeed. You get to realise how many extremists are out in our big wide world. As moderator we have to try and curtail this extremist point of view, we are very practiced at saying we are "not anti Indonesia we are pro Schapelle". There are also the trolls that try to have a bit of fun by posting horrible pictures and links to horrible websites, we are now pretty quick off the mark and these postings are usually deleted within 3-5 minutes.

There are some real nutters out there as well and they are tending to grab the attention of some other bloggers who have likened Schapelle supporters as bogans. This is unfortunate as I would say the majority of people on the forum are pretty well balanced and have only good intentions at heart.

I would also like to condemn the actions of the people that have placed some biological object at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, this type of action is not needed, for once I actually agree with John Howard on something, but the cynical side of me wonders if this may not be another diversion as Johnny was questioned on Lateline last night about the assistance he gave to someone serving time in a prison in Maldives a few years back.

Now that Schapelles team have the assistance of 2 QC's from Perth with Asian Law expertise, I feel slightly more confident of a positive outcome, but what ever the outcome is, it still some time away.

In other news, my 9 year old, has to have her tonsils out on 4th July, a visit to the ENT specialist on Monday and he took one look at them and said YUK, they gotta come out. So she will be spending the last week of the school holidays not feeling the best.

I spent a lot of today trying to get my new wireless router to work, doing the logical thing first in trying to get my desktop machines up on the router first, well I gave up after many attempts, I am sure it's something to do with DNS, but for the moment we will stay cablised.

Thats it for the moment, MSN is running riot with trolling alerts.