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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Support from all quarters

Today was my first journey out into civilisation since returning on Friday from Bali, the number of people that came up to me and congratulated us for doing what we did in Bali was overwhelming then I returned home to many phone messages from people saying the same thing ofter reading the article in the Herald Sun, not to mention the emails I am now receiving.

I have been made aware of various Schapelle support groups, one of them being OARS, a South Australian Welfare Organisation, they have sent me a very worthwhile information sheet pertaining to Shapelles Case which you can download from here

When at the court I met a journo from the Bulletin, Eric Ellis. He has written a great article about the Indonesian Justice System, it was I who alerted him to the fact that the body board bag is just placed in an adjacent room each day.

Nic has provided additional commentary on my plight with the press and other local identities.

Tomorrow is my baby's 9th Birthday, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Oh for those interested the pictures I took in Bali, (none of the Shapelle trial, thats all on video) are available at Webshots.