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Friday, April 15, 2005

Home Sweet Home

The one downfall about travelling to Bali is the trip home, leaving Bali at 11.15 and a 5.5 hour flight hour later landed at Tullamarine at 7am, with not an ounce of sleep. Did the right thing and declared the wooden items I bought and an hour and a half later emerged into the Melbourne COLD!!!

We spent our last days predominantly relaxing. Schapelles trial was to continue with the prosecution oulining what their recommendation for her sentence should be. I really wanted to attend the trial, but I have been feeling like I have been taking the whole horrible ordeal a bit too much personally and was taking a bit of a toll on my spiritual wellbeing. I was also concerned on how, it the death penalty was recommended my kids would react and whilst the kids have willingly wanted to attend the proceedings my judgment was that today wouldn't be a good day to be there.

I kept going up to the internet every half hour to check to see what was happening, finally I just got Mum to call me at the hotel with any news.

I was proved right by reports on the news and also reports from another tourist staying at our hotel who went to the court. The scene was one of pandemonium by all accounts, with the end result being that Schapelle collapsed and the judge getting more and more irritated. Whilst watching the footage on ABC AsiaPacific last night, I became very emotional at the thought of the distress that Schapelle and her family are enduring, it is nothing short of tourture now.

Tonight, I was accused of being on some sort of crusade, ironically this was said by a QANTAS baggage handler. I am not on any crusade, my family collectively decided to lend our support to Schapelle and her family, as I would hope that others would do with me if I were in such a dire situation.

Well after 36 hours without sleep, I think I will call it a night, thanks to everyone that has posted comments of support, they mean a lot to us.