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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Today in Court!

We arrived at the court at about 10.15am, no prision van had arrived but there were a lot of local protestors shouting something about freedom of speech. It turns out there was another trial happening against a guy that had burnt a photo of the Indonesian President and there must have been about 500 of his supporters there.

On arriving at Schapelles courtroom, I got chatting to a guy that I think works at the consulate and he explained that the case was going to be adjourned today so that the prosecution can have some more time to prepare their summation, and apparently Schapelles lawyers were in Jakata today attempting to persuade the authorities that she should receive either no or a very short sentance.

This didn't stop the circus of media from gathering around her when she arrived. Once again she was huddled by a group of police and literally dragged up to the holding cell. This morning there had been a lot of rain and the entire pathway was flooded, I stood there and just yelled, look out for her please, then I became quite emotional as I could tell by looking at her that she wasn't well.

After about another hour, the judges finally came in and a while later they brought Schapelle in, I was standing at the window and she gave a feint smile when she saw a familiar face. She was ushered inside and within about 1 minute the proceedings stopped and she was taken away again.

I was talking to her sister afterward and the main reason for todays proceedings being halted was that Schapelle is, in the words of the judge, not in good health. Proceedings will once again be scheduled for next Thursday, our last day in Bali. Mercedes was on her way to get a doctor to go to the jail and take a look at her.

As there is no big story from todays trial, the media concentrated on trying to get access to Schapelles dad. Mercedes had to go and rescue him at one stage, his isn't well and apparently his medication makes him somewhat confused, he just sat outside at one stage and was asking lots of questions about the process.

So that was my day in court, not much to tell!

Back to the pool!