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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Is an eye for an eye the best solution

Still full of the flu, so blogging is taking a back seat at the moment.

However today I was surprised to read the story about the Bali9 which has now become the Melasti 4 and the Airport4 and 1 other I must presume. From reading various articles it appears that the smugglers were set up big time. They seem like vunerable kids who didn't realise the consequences of their actions, and having a son that has ADHD who doesn't realise the consequences sometimes, my heart bleeds for the parents of these kids. IS IT A REASON TO KILL THEM??

At what age do you stop being a kid, I don't know, I reckon that 30 is probably a good age, by that time you should have enough experience to realise the consequences of your actions. However to a parent you child will always be a kid. I honestly hope that the child of our local Councillor JOIIS never gets into trouble, as he would get little support from his father.

If what is said about Chan being the ringleader is true, he should face the full force of the law, not the death penalty as I will never condone that, but life or a long sentence in warranted in his case, however for the supposed mules, who were naive and stupid, they should not pay the price with their life. Yep throw them in jail for a while, they will learn hard lessons, rehabilitate them so that they can exit jail and become better people.

The parents of these kids must be living a nightmare at the moment, perpetrated by those who have little value for others, my heart goes out to the families that are living this nightmare.

Lastly, has anyone got any good tips for parenting a 13 year old boy full of testosterone and who is driving me to distraction. A one week ban on using the home phone is in place at the moment, will I survive this! And the worst part about it is that his sister is 4 years behind so I have more hell to look forward to.