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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another Grand Prix over!

There have been 10 of these in Melbourne, and I have yet to go to one. It's just not something that excites me, although I watch it on TV, whilst reading etc... I just can't sit for over a hour watching cars going around and around. This years GP seemed to not have any high drama, Webber finished, but don't ask me where he finished.

Had a very pleasant day yesterday, close friends of mine "tied the knot" in a lovely backyard (well it was in the backyard till it started raining) wedding. It was quite informal, the marriage celebrant, who I have known for a number of years, sang Ave Maria, it was just gorgeous. Took heaps of pictures but due to recent activity on my blog, I won't post them, instead if anyone is interested in seeing them email me and I'll point you to where they are stored.

Well, the recent activity in my comments has once again been of a scurrilous nature, seems that those who support "The Jacks of Sunbury" are people of such worthy character that they post comments like "when it cums to your kids they need to be bashed sensless the orrible littlle mongrels" Indeed lovely attitude, if I had friends of this nature, they very quickly wouldn't be friends. It all really just points to their character and lack of integrity.