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Monday, February 21, 2005


Oh the frenzy in hearing how the Mad Monkfound his son. Poor bugger was reported to have sworn when he found out who is real father was, if I found out the the Mad Monk was my real father, I would do more than swear.

Interestingly the major press held off on this story for over a week, to allow everyone involved to come to terms with the ramifications of it being released.

Crikey sum it up very well in their sealed section today.

On the front page of The Daily Telegraph Piers Akerman today boasts that: "The Daily Telegraph has been aware of Daniel's reunion with his natural parents since January but chose to give the young man, Mrs Donnelly, Mr Abbott and their families, some privacy while they explored the sensitive new relationship.

"Senior staff at the ABC's Australian Story also became aware of Daniel's relationship with Mr Abbott in recent weeks but agreed to give him and Mrs Donnelly and their families some breathing space in which to get used to each other.

"The Bulletin magazine, which started to chase the story two weeks ago, held off publishing anything for a week after Mr Abbott asked them for time for all the parties to prepare for the expected publicity storm.

So three major media organisations found out about a major story and then sat on it because Tony Abbott asked them to. Can anyone imagine anyone else for who this sort of consideration might have been given?

To take just one example, compare the treatment of Tony Abbott with the treatment of Mark Latham, where the media fell over themselves to report rumours, lies and innuendo, and to repeatedly interview an ex-wife, with absolutely no consideration for his privacy or that of his family.