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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The manic week before...............

Semester starts, is a bit like childbirth, you forget the pain until it happens next time.

I know quite a few that read this blog work at great tertiary establishments, and can probably relate to the week I have just had. On average I worked 12 hour days, not for my alloted 4 days but for 5 days, this week and I am not looking forward to Monday, when all of our changes are supposed to go live and are supposed to work, hmmmmmmmmm

Factional infighting continues to thhrive out in Calwell, revelations about a Cr getting a donation from a developer making Page 3 of The Age. The "Jacks of Sunbury" are salivating about this at the moment along with their friend Federal Member Maria Vamvaikou. The donation from Peet and Co a company that is developing land in Craigburn and Greenvale is being played out as a bribe nearly by the papers, considering that from what I can see the only request to Council from Peet and Co is renaming part of Craigiburn to Greenvale and when put out for public submission got no submissions, which would indicate no strident public opposition to the application, why would they bother trying to buy a vote in this manner. Apparently more to appear in tomorrow's Age.

Developer in bed with Councillors isn't a new thing, here in Sunbury the main local developer is very chummy with the "Jacks of Sunbury" even donates his land for all their electoral billboards during campaigns and provides endorsements in the papers for them. This developer is not too friendly toward me as I went against a Service Station development he was planning, needless to say he didn't provide me with any assistance.

Today was spent, NOT WORKING!!!!, well sort of, I cleaned out my home office, of most things associated with Hume, amazing how much confidential stuff that I have that needs to be shredded, which means that I have to hold onto it until, I either get a shredder or have the time to get it to someone that has a shredder. Why???, cause under the Local Government Act, I have to maintain confidentiality forever or face prosecution. Oh the Burden!!!!!!!!

Well it will be interesting to listen later to the results of the WA Election, will tune into Nic's site for updates.