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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Footy pfft!!!!!!!!!!

It was only a practice game, well it was really! Pretty mediocre start to 2005, Roos sent all of our young pups out to play. MIA were, Hall, Goodes, O'Loughlin, Barry, Maxfield, Crouch, Davis. The young ones tried their best, but the Dog's fielded a strong team, with veterans such as Grant, Darcy and Johnson playing.

Caught up with the RWO mob, lunch at the Colonial before the game and dinner at Papa gino's after the game.

Our treat at the Medina, was made all the more pleasant as we were given a 2 bedroom apartment for the price of a studio apartment, when I asked the Hotel desk officer this morning what the going rate for the 2 bedroom apt was, I was astounded to find out it was $370 per night, cool, we got a bargain for $125.00 through

Sunburyonline seems to have quite a few new contributors, all notably on the side of the "Independent" Sunbury Councillors. 2 of the new contributors are even rumored to be members of the ALP, I wonder what the story is there, I am sure it will all come out in the wash.

Also, if anyone out there has links to the Liberal Party, I would love to hear about a fundraiser held in Sunbury last year with Robert Doyle as the guest. I am sure that the community would just love to hear who the organisers were.

Oh and the latest attack on me is that I dared to publish a glossy brochure during my last campaign, "a hanging offence apparently", I however don't have the support of the major developer in Sunbury, which made it a bit hard to have signs placed in prominent places. I had to pay for that privilege.