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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Channel 7

What is it when a TV station replays the first episode of a new series over and over again. Weird! Well because they did it I got to watch LOST and Desperate Housewives tonight. I don't think I'll give up ER for LOST, but Desperate Housewives may be a different matter. Can't quite pick what I like about the show, but it's a bit quirky, plus the houses are nice.

Today was spent scrubbing floors, I said to Mum today, now I know why they had small houses in the olden days, LOL. I have this slate look Vinyl Flooring and it gets ingrained with dirt, so today was the day to get down with the scrubbing brush and clean it, and I am stuffed.

Mr nearly 13 played cricket and bowled 3/13 and played 2 games of Basketball, his normal U14 game and he was asked to play for the U16's. He is suitably stuffed also.

Onward to Mama Guruann's 70 something birthday tomorrow, I better go and wrap the pressie.