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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oh yeah I still blog!

However... work and family committments have meant less time to partake in this past time.

What a week... first of all the poor Conelia Rau story, for which I was waiting for Bolta to do a story about and he finally came through with the goods on Friday, quite an amazing article really that was pulled apart by Mr Lefty.

The Sunbury Online Forum has been hotting up with the insurgance of quite a few "Jack or is it Steve" followers.

The intelligence of his followers can be highlighted by this one post about feral cats in the burbs.

is this the official hume council policy or is it staff instructions. i hate cats, dirty fighting things, at least a dog has brains and listens and protects its owners and their properties. there should be a A.L.P cull on cats. my dog barks loud at night because dirty rotten cats fight everywhere.
maybe the hume council can now inform us of its policy. hume is doing bad when the a.s.u informs all of its polocies.

Take note Steve Bracks, please bring in policy on cats to satisfy this nutter.

The latest inspiring thread that Jack or is it Steve has started is about our former Federal MP, Brendan O'Connor. Brendan now represents the seat of Gorton, as his previous seat of Burke was abolished during a re-distribution. Jack or is it Steve, is complaining cause Brendans office is still in Sunbury, well excuse me!!!! Why didn't parliamentary services move him on 10th October, surely they can magically build and furnish offices overnight. Whats the old saying, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

You would think if someone was going to stack a forum they would choose people of at least basic intellect. I have set them a challenge though, I dared posted the word surreptitious, I wonder how long it will take them to work out the meaning of it, and even if they do work it out, they probably just won't get it!