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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Waterlogged Pt II

Anyone who lives in Melbourne will have stories of last night rains. It didn't stop raining for 24 hours or more and this morning at about 6am, I thought my roof was going to take off. Switched on to 774 to hear Red Symons tell everyone to forget about heading into Melbourne and keep the kids home from school, I got up and noticed that water was surrounding the house and to venture out into it would be a dangerous affair.

Living 40kms out of the City would have meant the drive in would have probably taken over 2 hours, (this was confirmed by an acquaintance it took 3). So I called the boss and said I would work from home, ONCE THE POWER CAME ON!

You don't realise how reliant you are on electricity until you don't have it for a while, I got about 10 minutes of work done when the power went on then it went off again. I had to resort to the phone to contact people, that in itself was a problem as 2 out of 3 of my phoned are connected to power, that problem solved a few phone calls and things were moving.

Meanwhile, what do a 12 and 8 year old do when there is no power, they go friggin BALLISTIC! The power finally came back on, the putas booted up OK and I spent the afternoon doing constructive work.

AND............. I have made it to Darps Blog, a whole article dedicated to my front page antics.