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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The story, Front Page with a little effort!

Here is tis folks, more later......... Posted by Hello

You probably can't read it properly, if you really want to see a copy that you can read, post a comment and I'll try and post a better link.

The story states that Brendan Gurry that stood against "Is it Steve or is it Jack" was "absolutely alarmed to find the link". Brendan Gurry forgot to mention that he was "Is it Steve or is it Jack's" running mate at the last election.

At least "Is it Steve or is it Jack" didn't drag his other running mate into the story, Angela Power or Powell, promised Sunbury a hospital, raked in 900 or so votes and got "Is it Steve or is it Jack" over the line in the last election. Where's the hospital?????

Well they say that all publicity is good publicity.

Mallrat provides some more coverage here!