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Friday, October 22, 2004

Bloody Petrol Prices

I wandered down the street today at about 12ish, past my closest servo (gas 40.9 cents) heading toward the Coles Express to make sure I got my 4 cents off a litre, arrived there to find it was 54.9 cents a litre, so I U-turned and headed back to the 7/11 and got it at 40.9, even without the 4 cents off, I still got it 10 cents cheaper, how can a rise of 14 cents a litre be justified in an hour.

Then I headed off to the Golden Arches for a quick lunch, grabbed the Herald Sun and a burger turned to the editorials and nearly choked on my Fillet of Fish, RWDB Andrew Bolt was having a go at John Butler for the lyrics in his songs and just his general view of life, no doubt Andy doesn't like John Bulters view on HoWARd

Clearly stung by the election result, Butler told the hey-dude crowd: "In a day and age where lies and hate get more votes than humanity and education and peace, it's good to be hanging out with cats celebrating music and the beauty that it brings to the world.

Then I arrived home and realised that lots of others had seen the same article. I then thought can't I for once get a blog entry in first about something, doesn't look like it.