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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My job is a changing

Over the past few year my role in the Dept at Melbourne Uni has changed, from being very administrative with me going out of my way to provide Technical Support to various staff members to now being a fully integrated member of our Technical Services team.

During a recent look at our structure it was determined that my skills lend themself to being classified as an "Applications Manager" basically the best I can explain it is that I am the person in the Dept that has a lot of knowledge of most of the Applications that the University utilise.

Therefore now that the University have purchased Blackboard for Learning Management, I am the person that is designated to provide the support for it in our Department. The last 2 days have seen me attend meeting and courses about Blackboard, it looks interesting and fairly intuitive, something new to learn, and it is re-jigging my interest in learning more about "How People Learn"