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Friday, August 25, 2006

Illness, Dr's and TV news

I haven't bothered mentioning it before but the family including myself have had a horrible virus that has been sticking around for too long now (4th week). From all accounts this virus is raging in the area, even Miss R's school had 10 teachers away for part of last week with it. It starts as a tummy bug then aches and pains, then shocking pains in the head. We thought we were all over it mid this week, alas it's not meant to be.

I have a fantastic family doctor, he is 87, but is still going strong. He was recently voted one of the 50th most intriguing GP's by Australian Doctor (Page 10). Anyway we got a call yesterday from the Clinic to ask if Mum would like to be interviewed by Channel 7 News about Dr Rosenhain, sure no problem! She has a weekly appointment on a Friday so it wasn't any imposition. We arrived at the Clinic, and within about 20 minutes of waiting for this all to start happening, she told me she wasn't feeling well, had a yukky tummy etc, a minute or so later she feinted in the waiting room. I was understandably alarmed and yelled for assistance which came very fast.

From there is where it gets funnier by the minute, I can say that now. Dr Rosenhain comes out as he can hear a commotion, ans out follow the news crew from 7. We got Mum into a wheel chair and here are Ch 7 taping the whole thing, including the follow up examination. As I was in the room as well, they decided to interview me as well, after interviewing Mum when she was more lucid. Anyway, Mum is feeling better now but guess who isn't ME!!!!!!!!. I am trying to tell myself that I can't possibly get this bug for a 2nd time, I hope the positive thinking gets me through.

For those interested the segment will be on Seven News on Tuesday 29th August at 6pm.