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Friday, August 11, 2006

Crossing the Floor!

I met Russell Broadbent a few months back at an Enviromental Awards Ceremony. He came across to me as a nice guy, very witty, and genuine and me saying that about a Lib is a big call. His character came through this week he along with Judi Moylan and Petro Georgio crossed the floor to vote against the Migration Bill. Now the real story will be whether Steve Fielding from Family First, remember the name FAMILY FIRST, decides to use his vote in the Senate to block the bill. Remember Steve you are a representative of FAMILY FIRST, so I assume that you won't want to lock up women and children in Nairu. If you vote for this bill, you should rename your pary FAMILY LAST.

Congrats should also go to little known National Party ex whip John Forrest who abstained from voting and resigned from his "whipship" I heard him interviewed on the ABC today and he sounds like another genuine person who is concerned about more than interest rates.