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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On a voyage

I have been thinking about buying a new (used) car. My car this year has cost me a fortune, a new transmission, new muffler, new radiator, and today the ignition barrel decided to kark it. The car had to be towed to a local mechanic who got it back to me just after lunch. Next stop was Sunbury Holden to check out what they have available and tomorrow I am going to look at a 2003 Commodore - dual fuel. I am committed to using LPG as it is better for the environment and it's a lot cheaper on the wallet. So wish me luck.

Supamum has written a very oppportune post about the upcoming state election and the seat of Macedon where we both reside. It pretty much sums up my views as well.

Oh and on a sad note, Not the 6 has decided to rest her blog, hopefully she will find the urge to come back sometime soon.