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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

War is bad

What is happening in the Middle East at the moment is frightening. I know of people on both sides of the conflict, one of my Council colleague's, Cr Abbouche', mother is currently in Lebanon on holiday, last I heard she was trying to get back to Australia as soon as possible.

Klara who is a member of an email list (April 1996 Babies) I have belonged to since 1995 lives in Haifa, this is the latest posting from her.

Thank you all for thinking of us. I guess the vibes help.
This morning was quiet and DH took the kids outside to play. As they came home, at about 1.30pm and we were going to sit for lunch, there was the siren (I just told DH that it looks like the silence before storm breaks). We ran to the safe room. Our lunch was interupted 3 times with the bombing and the sirens. One of the bombs sounded quite close. Tomer, especially gets very scared when he hears the sirens.
I hope we will have a quiet night.

Can anyone imagine what it's like living in either Israel or Lebanon at the moment, w really do live in the lucky country.

I hope both of the above mentioned stay safe in this time of upheaval.

To to it all off there has been another earthquake in Indonesia and there is a Tsunami warning, when will it all end.

Still owed $2604 and waiting!!!!!!!!1