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Friday, March 31, 2006

Thanks supamum

She tagged me and I am home on a Friday night so here goes

Accent - not an ocker aussie accent, but not a refined british accent

Booze of Choice - Southern Comfort when I can afford it but mostly White Wine

Chore I hate - Ironing

Dog or Cat - One cat to catch the mice

Essential electronics - PC, Mobile, PDA

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) Ciara (Revlon)

Gold or Silver? - Gold

Hometown - Sydney

Insomnia? Always

Job Title Technical Administrator, Local Govt councillor

Kids? - two

Living Arrangement - big house on mediums size block, 2 kids, and my mother live with me.
Most admired trait - determined and driven

Number of Sexual Partners - pass

Overnight Hospital Stays - haven't kept count, about 8 with each kid, cause I could and the were comlicated births, a couple of nights here and there with endometriosis.

Phobia - mice, heights

Religion - born a Catholic, but have chosen to tick the N/A box on all forms that I have to complete

Time I wake up - school days: 0730, weekends: Sat and Sun: as late as possible, school holidays: whenever the kids get up

Unusual talent/skill - I know my times tables.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - brocoli
Worst habit - hating the liberal party with a vengance
X-rays - don't go there, I broke my arm the night of the dismissal, the hospital was empty if that was a good thing.

Yummy foods I make - tuna mornay, banana cake,
Zodiac sign - Picies, can't even spell it right, I was born to the wrong sign.