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Friday, February 24, 2006

So where the BLOODY HELL are you?

Ok, I realise that advertising is a quirky trade, but the use the slogan "Where the Bloody Hell are you?" as the latest gimmick seems to me to be a bit kitch. This came out on the same day that aspiring PM, never to be, Peter Costello blasted one of his colleagues for reading the standard Citizenship statement that is read out everywhere.

My cynical side thinks that this is all a diversion from the AWB scandal.

We are 600 days out from the next federal election and the politics of fear is alread starting.

Today, I collected for Red Cross Calling in the main street of Sunbury, I did this in conjunction with the Mayor, the other Sunbury Councillor and our local MP. The Local MP, Joanne Duncan, went into a shop and the first reaction she got was, "When are you going to get rid of all these Muslims?" I really wish that the Mayor (a muslim) was with her. She was truely shocked at the sentement expressed as I was, but this just shows how Johnny and Petes campaign is working.