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Sunday, March 05, 2006

What happened this week!

Monday, a quick council meeting, planning matters that were not contentious, they are the type of meetings I like, and I nearly got home in time to watch Desperate Housewives.

Tuesday, parent teacher interview at the Miss R's school, they are happy with her progress, so am I. She talks to much in class but if that is her only problem I can deal with that, then I had to rush off to a Sunbury Festival meeting, where a mouse decided to join us, and scared the crap out of me.

Wednesday, Footy club meeting, however prior to that I visited a friend who had a baby on Monday, welcome to the world Christian. My friend is 6 years older than me and this is her 4 child with a break of 10 years in between no's 3 and 4. I wish her luck and will say I am glad it's her and not me.

Thursday was the VLGA delegates meeting, where the new president Beth Davidson was sworn in. I have known Beth for about 5 years and am sure that she will be a great President.

Friday was my day off my day job, so I had many errands to run, and had to take my mum to the Dr, yep that's right, she still hasn't had her operation, 3 times postponed so far, they are promising next Wednesday. I then made my way into the Swans v Essendon practice match at Optus Oval. I won't elaborate on that too much as we lost, but Paul Roos mainly played the young players again.

Saturday, I took Mr J to cricket up at Gisborne and watched him bowl his first 5 overs, even though he is carrying an injury he bowled very fast and took one wicket. Then it was off to Bunnings in Sunbury to sell copious amount of sausages for the Footy Club.

Today, I went the the Clean Up Australia activity in Sunbury, I filled 4 bags and I think that my back is going to break. Interestingly the former Cr that I defeated made a big beat up in the paper about Clean Up Australia Day a few weeks ago, and he didn't turn up at all today, so I can only imagine that it's OK to make a splash in the papers then not back them up by your own actions on the day.

This coming week sees the Queens Baton come to Sunbury and International Womens Day on Wednesday, and hopefully the OPERATION!

So that was my pretty busy week