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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The wait gets longer!

The ballot closes on Friday evening 25th Nov, votes would normally be counted on the next day, however the VEC have decided that they will conduct the count over 2 days and my ward will be the last counted. So counting starts on 2.15pm on Sunday 27th Nov, I anticipate the result will be known sometime that evening if I am lucky. So it's back to 10 days until we know. I have postponed supporters drinkies to a date in the future, will think about that tomorrow.

A friend posed to me the question about how I feel at the moment, this was my reply

Not too nervous yet, been too busy catching up on stuff that has been left neglected over the last 6 weeks (washed the car tonight). It's a terrible waiting game and I was all psyched up for knowing something on Sat nite, now I have to wait till Sun nite, the Sunday will probably be the worse day. It's always in the back of my mind, questions like could I have done more..........

A big positive is that I can watch Mr J play cricket and basketball on the 26th without being a nervous wreak.

10 days to go...........